About Me

A camera is my instrument of choice in exploring the visual world as it allows me to investigate the different ways in which the same objects may present themselves through photography, evoking different feelings and connotations. This is why I create photographic series, especially abstract ones where the unobvious nature of the photographed objects helps the mind’s eye ponder and perhaps engage in a contemplative, intimate way.

The themes that I explore and discuss through my work are mainly related to transparency, time, personal memory and interpretation, impermanence and subjective perception, for which photography is an adequate tool and medium. The unobvious, transient areas between the extremes, difficult to fully embrace with words, are the ones I am most drawn to explore and communicate through photography, with the plasticity and richness of its language.

An important element of my practice is, apart from cropping the images to a desired format, leaving all of them as recorded within the camera, without editing or retouching them in any way, in order to keep them transparent also in this sense, to preserve the authenticity and immediacy of the process, inscribing the unique camera flaws into the image, acknowledging imperfection as an important and meaningful aspect of life and an integral element of direct, spontaneous experience, including photography.

I enjoy analogue photography and find darkroom printing and experimenting as creative and stimulating as the very act of capturing an image with a camera.

I am also an avid and curious explorer of the visual language and its power to affect us on different levels, I engage in audio-visual projects related to visual literacy and I’m also interested in creative, therapeutical and social use of images.